model: Katrina Chan



“Life’s too short to play it safe”

Aldora was born in Scarborough on September 4th, 1995 (17). She has two younger brothers, and they now live in Markham. As a child, Aldora was shown poverty clips by her father. She saw how hard it was to survive in a world where there really seemed to be no hope. But in that, she also saw how happy the people there could make their life despite their conditions. To Aldora, it almost seemed as if the people living in those canvas tents, or mud huts, could easily have been happier than her or anyone where she lived. Most of the concepts in her art is based on this “lesson” that has been engraved into her. She often shows conflicts between morality, poverty, and mostly social justice awareness concepts.

At the age of nine, Aldora started working a part-time job. There she met many inspiring people, and fortunately none that seem to be of bad influence to her. These people taught her to love and care for herself and others. At around the same time, Aldora was offered her first “free-lance graphic designer” project. The client asked her to design a poster to raise awareness of world peace. The design was approved and a photograph of her was printed in a newspaper cover with her design. Along the way, Aldora has designed many other posters, using different mediums and many many hours. “but I love it, so it really doesn’t matter.”

Aldora also has experience with mural painting since she was twelve years old. She was first asked by her baby cousin to paint her room a princess fairytale theme, which she willingly did for the adorable little girl. Later on, her aunt’s friends saw the mural that she had painted and asked her if she could do their children’s rooms as well! Due to continuous injuries of her wrists and ankles, along with broken bones, etc. Aldora, after a few more clients, had to stop for her bones and her over-starved and caffeine-drenched organs to recover.